Soho Parish Primary

Soho Parish Primary


We are proud of how well all of our children progress and the fact that they consistently achieve well compared to the national average. Please click on the relevant year below to see our children's results. These include:


- Progress across the Early Years (Reception class)

- How well children do in the Phonics Test in Year 1

- Attainment at the end of KS1 (Year 2)

- Attainment at the end of KS2 (Year 6)

- Progress from the end of KS1 to the end of KS2

2016 Children's achievement
2015 Children's achievement
2014 Children's achievement
2013 Children's achievement

Outdoor sketchingFurther useful links include the following:

DfE School performance tables website 

Ofsted's School Data Dashboard

Or click on the link to the right to view our Ofsted inspections and reports.