Soho Parish Primary

Soho Parish Primary


We are proud of our pupils.  They embody the Soho Parish values, treating each other with kindness, showing respect to adults and children alike and applying themselves to our varied curriculum with creativity and determination.  We receive regular feedback from secondary schools to compliment us on the application and behaviour of our graduates.


We have no school uniform and respect individuality and the unique nature of each person in our school.  Some people ask whether a school without uniform and where children and adults address each other by first names can, at the same time, promote good behaviour.  It can, through shared values of mutual respect and good pastoral care.  A family doesn't wear a uniform or address each other formally, but children can still show respect for their parents in return for the care and respect they receive.

School council plays a big part in decision-making and our electoral process is thorough.  In Year 6 our pupils can apply for the post of 'Tour Guide'.  We trust these pupils to show visitors and prospective parents around the school, as a model of the 'Soho Parish Pupil'.  Last year, all of year 6 applied for the post and all were appointed.



Our goal at Soho Parish is to develop all our children to become:

Imaginative       - able to be creative and think adventurously. Not afraid to be free-spirited, quirky       or individual if they choose.

Resourceful       - adaptable, flexible and able to look ahead

Ambitious          - pro-active, persistent & hard-working with a solid grounding in core skills, knowledge and understanding that will help them to achieve

Self-Confident   - self-reliant, determined; sociable; willing to have a go / take risks & resilient to failure

Compassionate - kind, friendly and considerate

Civilised             - philosophical, fair-minded and polite