Soho Parish Primary

Soho Parish Primary

Data Protection

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Disclosing Information Summary

The information that you can expect to receive from us will usually be a copy in whatever format we hold it in.

Depending on what information has been requested we will explain any jargon or abbreviations, provide a summary sheet detailing what we have used the information for, and what information we have withheld and why (if applicable).

There are some instances where we may not be able to release some of the information we hold about you to you such as:

  • personal information about other people (including family members), unless we receive their consent.
  • examination marks ahead of national release or examiners comments.
  • information provided by another person, such as a health visitor or the police, unless we receive their permission to do so.
  • information contained in adoption and parental order records
  • legal advice provided by a legal professional. 
  • information that would prejudice the prevention / detection of crime


In some exceptional circumstances we may also withhold information about you if we think that it might cause you serious harm or severe distress.


Occasionally your records may contain elements that it would not be appropriate for you to see (for example personal information about other individuals). Rather than withhold the whole record or document, we will redact or remove those sections, if we can, to make them anonymous


If you find incorrect information held about you then please write and tell us what is wrong and how you think it should be corrected. An assessment will be made and the information updated.