Soho Parish Primary

Soho Parish Primary

Head's Welcome


Welcome to our outstanding village school tucked away in the heart of London.

Our aim at Soho Parish is to develop confident children who are motivated, curious and enthusiastic about learning. They develop a growth mindset and their 'learning powers' so that they will flourish in a world where the jobs they will do may not currently exist and where flexibility, social skills and learning skills are the key to success.  Our pupils develop empathy and compassion alongside respect for themselves and others. We are pleased to agree with our most recent Ofsted report which states that "Pupils' personal growth and development is exceptional".

As a Church of England school our values are rooted in the Christian faith and everything we do is aligned with these ideals.  We follow the London Dioscesan Board RE curriculum, which encourages children to learn about and reflect upon their own personal beliefs, and learn about Christianity alongside other faiths.  Our children take part in regular Christian acts of worship at school and in our partner Churches of St Anne's and St James' Piccadilly.  We continue to espouse the desire of our Victorian Christian founders to provide education for all local children regardless of their own beliefs and therefore we have no faith criteria for entry, welcoming all to join us in a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect.

Our rich curriculum is topic-led and ever-changing: based on the National Curriculum but designed by the children themselves and their teachers, with plenty of visitors, projects and clubs. We also make full use of our enviable location to go on plenty of trips within London and also further afield, with two residential trips offered per pupil. You can read a summary of what activities we've been up to by clicking on our curriculum.

Due to the small size of our quirky Victorian building, we offer smaller class sizes than most London schools with a high level of tailored adult support.  We also believe in high quality pastoral care and work closely with families to provide the best possible conditions for pupils to learn. 

Finally, we are proud that our children consistently achieve high academic standards that frequently place us among the top schools in Westminster and that no child is ‘left behind’.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Louise Ritchie, Headteacher