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                 Our last term












Active Week!!

With our playground out of action for the refurb , we have made sure all the children remain 'active' and get that much needed exercise.

Planned over the week we have a trip to St James for mixed activities, our aerobics session with katie,   Playtime in local open spaces, and a session at the YMCA to take part in  gymnastics and trampolining.

We have had a great week.


Sadly, even with all our care and best efforts nature had another plan and none of our eggs hatched! 

The children told us they felt 'sad', 'frustrated', 'angry', 'disappointed' and one even had the feeling of 'raindrops inside her tummy'

We were lucky that some chicks had hatched at the farm so John and Lucy brought them to us so we didn't miss out on the whole experience.

We all thought of names and wrote down our ideas.

The name chosen for light yellow chick was Ben

The name chose for the darker yellow chick was Star






The Art of Richard Diebenkorn and our 3 week art project

Running alonside our chick project we are going to be knee deep in art and celebrating the art of Richard Diebenkorn and we will be looking at his work at the Royal Academy.

We aim that over these 3 weeks children get to use different media, learn new techniques and will be able to express how art and colour can effect mood and feelings.

We will display all our Art in a public exhibition at the end of the project!

We have been reading books like Dr Seuss 'my many coloured days' to get the children in the

habit of associating colour with their moods. At the gallery we will be focusing on the art of

Richard Diebenkorn and we will participating in activities based around the feelings and mood the

children take from his work. We have also been thinking of other words that mean 'happy, sad, excited

etc in order to expand vocabulary.


As with many projects that take place, your input and your child's 'world' shape what we do. We

have already this week been on a local walk so children can create their own 'Soho map' including

the important places that they go to with you or pass every day. We will expand on this by asking

children at home with you to produce an 'Importance Map'. With the child in the centre, children

will use colour, shape, size and feeling words to represent what is important to them!














Farm Trip and the arrival of THE eggs!

 We came back to school for the summer roaring and raring to go. Being a short term we didn't want to waste any time, so off to Kentish Town Farm we went to kick start our topic. We met Chris at the farm who gave us a tour. We learnt both baby and adult names for the animals. We met horses, goats and most importantly chickens! Ask you child if they remember any facts from the day?

John the Farmer then came to school with our eggs and set up the incubator. Over the next 21 days we need to look after the eggs like we are the mother hen.

















We are mad about MATHS in Reception Class.

We went to the British Museum to take part in a workshop. We used the Museum’s African galleries to explore shape, pattern, colour and counting. We got to handle African beadwork and used our numeracy skills to create our own examples of maths inspired by African objects.

Many thanks to our wonderful parent helpers!






Run run as fast as you can......................

Our book this week is THE GINGERBREAD MAN!

We will be acting out the story, using buttons, dice and tallying for addition, meeting Mr Fox and The Gingerbread man, making our own gingerbread people, making our own collage pictures and experimenting what would really happen if a gingerbreadman got soggy!!!

It's been a busy one. PHEW





Our topic this half term is Traditional Stories and Fairy Tales. We love telling stories in this class and acting out in character so this should be perfect in engaging the children in the learning.

Our first story focus has been 'The Enormous Turnip'. We have started by learning the story and making our own 'zig zag book' and sequencing the events. We have also been acting it out in groups which has been really fun.

 We will be using turnips to compare weight with other vegetables and make predictions using mathematical vocabulary.










Welcome back to school! We hope you had a lovely break

Book Week has hit us and it has been a really exciting one.

We have had a great time focusing on 'Naughty Bus'. A book all about a London Bus who likes a bit of an adventure. See below for all the things we have done that are bus related!

Playing the bus stop game where we have been using mathematical vocabulary such as add, take away, more and less.



Using some of the adventures the Naughy Bus gets up to, we re-created some of the pages.


Katrina at Charing Cross Library read us some great stories and we even got to

borrow some for the class.

Using bus templates we designed our own buses and wrote where we

would go on our ideal bus trip. Some of our buses ended up going to

America, Africa, A fun fair and Home.


A group of us had an idea to make our own bus. Using team work, a shoe box  and the help of Shirley we made a super glitzy and original london bus. Now why can't all buses be have glitter and sequins ?



We have been onto the streets of london to record our very own London Bus Survey. We introduced 'tallying' in the class and used this to mark off how many buses we saw in 5 minutes.


Love is in the air!

Valentines day is upon us. To celebrate this day of love we wrote letters to important people in our life and told them why we loved them. Even the teachers got some lovely letters!

We made jam heart sandwiches for someone we loved at home. We particulary enjoyed eating the cut-offs!!



The Year of the Sheep 2015

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year this week.

Not only did we have our class assembly (which was AWESOME) where we told the story of Chinese New Year, we have also been learning through play in the classroom.

Have a look below to see some of the fun we've been having making dumplings and

ordering food in our very own restaurant!!





Did someone call for a superhero?

One of our most loved and exciting topics so far! Using the children's interests, our superhero topic really went off with a bang.

Across the whole 7 areas of learning we were able to save Robin from the Green Ghoul Ghost.

Over the last 4 weeks we have designed and made our own comics using the computer, camera and writing using speech bubbles (  We even took them to our local comic shop to show off!) We designed and made our own superhero underpants, because every superhero needs a pair! We thought of questions we would like to ask Robin, then called him up to ask them. On our superhero day we got ready and completed 3 challenges to save Robin, which we did most importantly using team work and motivation.



















Business as usual!

We have had a very busy few weeks since the new term began. There has been some great investigations regarding why thinks sink and float (Have a go at home and ask your child what an object must have if it floats).

The woodwork bench is up and raring to go. We have used glue guns, hammer and nails and hand saws in order to learn new skills and understand safety procedures.

Future ‘Ikea flat pack experts’ in the making !








It may be cold but that hasn’t kept us inside. We are being very creative with the chalk in the outdoor space and making our own 'habitats' to escape that cold wind. One focus group wrote the ingredients for and went shopping for hot chocolate supplies . Yummy! We have also been busy just exploring our own interest which is the most important part of our learning.









We are also learning that information can be obtained from computers. This had been especially interesting as we are looking for a background for our comics! Children have been using their phonics to find the images and using the ‘space bar’, ‘back space’ and ‘enter’ commands. We have also been busy calling superheroes in our superhero hideout and extending our role play dialogue using superhero toys. Storm from the x-men is a firm favourite!






Happy New Year!

Welcome to year 2015

  We have lots of exciting things instore for this half term, including our SUPERHERO topic and thinking about Chinese New Year.

We would like to welcome Yali to our Reception Class. He has settled in well and is already very much part of our wonderful class.



A very SOHO celebration- Dec2014

During Autumn 2 we have been looking at different religions and cultures, and what better way to do this than look how different people celebrate weddings and partnerships. We thought about what we would like to wear to a celebration! We designed and made our own rings, flower garlands and bouquets. We even got ready in the hairdressers for our big day . We made sure to invite the important people by writing and posting our invitations. Did we mention we even iced our own wedding cake?


On the day we wore our finest party clothes and enjoyed learning about all the different traditions people take part in during different weddings and partnerships. We covered African, Jewish, English ( The Hokey Cokey anyone?) and european traditions. We learnt so much and more importantly had a great time. There was a conga line- that pretty much sums it up!















All aboard the Reception Class Train!

Where ever we go, we are all going together.

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat! We have been making our own special and unusual cakes.

Would you like to try one?


What have we been getting up to this week?

There has been lots of Halloween and Harvest activities and it has been such a lovely way to end our first half term in Reception. We've been making bread, searching for spooky objects and becoming wonderful members of the Soho Parish Family.