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Trip to Floris Perfumery

Soho Parish is committed to providing a creative and varied curriculum for children.  To contribute towards this, we regularly take the children out of school to learn in different environments, makingShoeburyness Beach trip use of the many wonderful local museums and facilities. 

We ask parents to simply sign one consent form when their child starts at Soho Parish, which covers us for all day trips.  We let parents know, well in advance of a trip, that their child will be going off-site and what they will need to bring, which may sometimes include a packed lunch.  We will sometimes ask for a voluntary contribution towards a trip.


We take the children on two residential trips during their time at Soho Parish.  In Treginnis, WalesYear 4, pupils spend two nights at Dalesdown, a rural educational centre in West Sussex, from where they visit Chislehurst caves and a farm, as well as following the school geography curriculum and learning from nature. 

In years 5 or 6, pupils visit a working farm (currently Treginnis Farm in Wales), where they spend seven nights getting up with the cockerel, feeding and mucking out the animals, as well as long walks and visits to the beach and local towns.

We aim to keep costs as low as possible, but we recognise they can be a significant outlay for parents. For this reason, parents are welcome to begin contributing towards a ‘residential trips fund’ for their child as early as Reception if they wish.

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