Soho Parish Primary

Soho Parish Primary

Year 1

Here are a couple of snaps from our Science Experiement on Wednesday.

The Children were experimenting to find out how best to separate sand, cubes, magnets and salt from water using different methods. 







Year 1 - as part of our Toys topic - have finished designing and making hand puppets. We hope you like them as we think they're fabulous!



A big thank you to Lucy Tamman who came into class and retold the Passover story so creatively! Praise must also go to the children for their enthusiasm in the collaboration. 





Mr Freeze needed a new rain coat and Year 1, being a kind class, decided to help out by investigating which materials are waterproof. We found some different materials in our classroom and made some predictions as to their suitability. Before we sent Mr Freeze out into the rain we tested these - some materials were better than others! 



Thanks to all the parents who came in an helped rustle up some chocolate banana cakes for the "Bake Off". They were delicious, the judges loved them and as well as learning how to follow instructions (algorithms in the new computing curriculum), we helped raise a significant amount of money for Comic Relief. 


Year 1 waiting expectantly for the lunar eclipse - nail biting stuff! We were all so excited by the theory and then it was too cloudy to see anything. The glasses still rocked!



Welcome to the Year 1 Blog, more to come soon!