Ofsted (2019) commented that :

Pupils behave very well in lessons, at break times and when moving around the school. They understand and follow the school’s rules, which are clearly understood by the pupils. 

The school’s core values are reflected in pupils’ collaborative working and in the caring approaches that they adopt with each other, with visitors and with all staff. Pupils meant it when they told inspectors, ‘Everyone cares for each other.’ 

We believe that the root of good behaviour is feeling part of a community and wanting to do your best by everyone in that community.  Pupils making poor choices are supported to ‘make it right’, through structured conversations supported by trained staff members.  

We don’t reward children with stickers or certificates because we want them to grow up to find the intrinsic value in doing the right thing.  We are growing people, not training animals.

We generally don’t punish with sanctions, rather supporting children to think about what they could have changed and allowing them to repair the damage they have done to their community.

Please see our behaviour policy for more information:

Behaviour Policy