School Council & Other Representatives

School Council

Pupil voice is a key part of all we do at Soho Parish.  Each class elects two school council representatives, who attend School Council and present the views and suggestions of their class. Hustings are usually held before the election and the process is taken very seriously. 

Our School Council meets regularly to give their views on and help make decisions about all aspects of school life. A chair, vice-chair and secretary are elected within the group (usually from the older years) and they run the meeting themselves (supported by the school Learning Mentor and a member of the Leadership Team). Minutes are taken and distributed back to classes to ensure accountability.

Arts Council

Our Student Arts council consists of two elected children from each KS2 class, who are passionate about developing and advocating for the Arts in school. Their responsibilities include supporting with the planning and organization of Art week and other school events, such as music concerts and international evening. This year they worked in partnership with the London Transport Museum to plan ideas for art week, training and working alongside teachers to plan workshops and collecting and reporting on feedback from children. They also help to write and edit a termly newsletter for children, parents, teachers and governors to celebrate all the creativity and achievements within school each term. Each week they host a ‘culture corner’ in class, as an opportunity for children to share and recommend different Arts and Culture activities they have taken part in or visited outside school. In addition, they champion the arts in school, making sure that we keep this important aspect of our learning, thriving and growing. ​

RE and Worship Ambassadors

We are delighted to have appointed our first RE Ambassadors, from Reception and all the way to Year 6. Their roles will reach into the school and wider community and they will be shining examples of Soho Parish’s five Values: Love, Imagination, Courage, Individuality and Community

The RE Ambassadors have an important role in supporting the school to keep the value of RE high throughout the school and link to other subjects. They will help to plan and support Collective Worship, RE Day and a full range of Religious Festivals throughout the year. They will listen to their classmates’ viewpoints, ideas and bring them to the RE Ambassadors’ meetings. They will work as a member of a team, whilst involving others beyond their team and help to provide the rest of the pupils with meaningful experiences both within school and at our church.

Congratulations to Soho Parish’s first RE Ambassadors: Scarlett & Kallie (Reception), Martha & Asiya (Year 1), Coco & Jayden (Yr 2), Milena & Celine (Year 3), Marta & Mallen (Year 4), Zaakir & Ellie (Year 5), Elise & Sophie (Year 6).

Tour Guides

In Year 6, pupils can apply to be Tour Guides, showing visitors and prospective parents around the school.  We believe our Y6 pupils are the best advert for our school, representing the confident, caring and articulate young adult we strive to develop.  Pupils apply for this role and over the past five years all pupils who have applied have been successful. It is not uncommon for the whole class to apply.