Soho Parish Curriculum Statement: EYFS


In the EYFS, we develop pupils’ natural curiosity, independence and love of learning ensuring they make excellent progress in all areas of the curriculum.  Children will learn through a combination of meaningful, child led play experiences and more structured adult led sessions and activities. We want children’s creativity to flow and enable them to make informed choices when it comes to how they direct their own learning.


The Reception environment and timetable is thoughtfully planned to encourage and capture children’s best learning. Here are a few ways in which we achieve this:

  • Children have unrestricted access to a classroom equipped with a wide range of increasingly natural and real life resources and are encouraged to freely explore the setting during designated time for purposeful play 
  • Whole class teaching takes place regularly but in short bursts, in line with the shorter concentration span of our youngest pupils including daily sessions of Phonics, Maths and Reading 
  • We also regularly take children out in the local community because  we believe that taking children “out and about” is vital to their sense of belonging to a community
  • We no longer implement adult chosen topics and instead plan from children’s needs and interests as they change and develop as well as exploring the school's wider curriculum drivers 


In the EYFS, a continuous dialogue with parents, the child’s first and most important educator is promoted and we track, monitor and celebrate children’s learning at school and at home together with parents via an online journal called Tapestry. We assess against Development Matters and use regular assessments to track children’s progress and identify any areas for intervention ensuring every child makes good or better progress. 

Children leave Reception as confident and capable learners having made excellent progress across the curriculum. They leave with the skills and attitudes needed for good progress and achievement as they move through the school.