Health Education

Soho Parish Curriculum Statement Health Education


Health Education at Soho Parish focuses on teaching the characteristics of good physical health and mental wellbeing in equal measure. It develops children’s understanding of how to lead a healthy life style and the importance of good sleep, exercise and nutrition alongside equipping them to identify and manage the positive and negative effects of life on their mental health and wellbeing. 


Health Education is embedded throughout school life in contexts such as twice weekly PE sessions and once fortnightly Circle Times and explicit lessons are taught every other week. 

Through Health Education lessons children are taught about:

  • Mental Wellbeing – how it is as importance as physical health, how to manage their mental health through an exploration of self-care techniques and who to go to for support 
  • Internet Safety and Harms – how to stay safe online and how to recognise when time online is having a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing  
  • Physical Health and Fitness and Nutrition – what constitutes a healthy and unhealthy diet and the benefits of regular exercise 
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco – the facts and risks associated with legal and illegal substances 
  • Health and Prevention – = oral hygiene,  personal hygiene and ways to prevent illness (KS2 children are also taught basic First Aid)


The Health Education curriculum in place allows teachers to plan opportunities to build on children’s knowledge and ensure that pupils of all abilities can access the learning and are suitable challenged. 

Assessments in Health Education are largely based on children’s written work and teachers day to day in class assessments of children progress. Self-assessment and evaluation systems are also commonly used in Health Education to monitor children’s understanding. 

We also look for the impact of Health Education in children themselves and how they manage the challenges life throws at them in terms of maintaining their physical and Mental Health.