How We Teach

At Soho Parish, learning is about connections.  We teach a ‘concept-based’ curriculum, in which all subjects are taught through a common concept each term.  For example this year, our whole school learning has been structured through three key concepts:

1IdentityKS1 Good to be me
KS2 Cultural identity / Refugee movement
2ResponsibilityThe Environment / Sustainability
3BeliefVarious, including self-belief in sport (The Olympics)

Making connections is a key feature of learning, as children build layers of understanding through a variety of experiences and subjects.  As they do so they are literally making connections between neurons in the brain.

We promote ‘growth mindset’ and develop children’s thinking skills through teaching them about the functions of the brain and encouraging debate. Philosophy circles and mindfulness are taught weekly.

In each subject area, we aim to develop key skills through the medium of our integrated curriculum.  Please see each subject page for a summary of our approach.