Soho Parish Curriculum Statement: Italian


We believe that children should have immersive experiences in modern foreign languages at primary school, with conversation and vocabulary key.  We have chosen Italian as our focus language as it is close to Latin, the root of all romance languages including English.  It also reflects one of the most extensive and long-established communities in Soho, with Italian families settling here in large numbers since 1860.

We aim for pupils to develop their conversational Italian and vocabulary in a clear progression, from reception up to Year 6.  The language will be taught wherever possible in connection with the class concept for the term, so as to deepen understanding both of the concept and in the language.


  • From Reception to Year 4, the work completed by children is oral
  • In Year 5 and 6, children will complete written work from the lesson in their topic books
  • Italian is taught by a specialist teacher to ensure correct pronunciation 
  • Create thematic links between languages and the wider curriculum by providing a tailored scheme of work for each year group
  • Use high quality Italian texts to share with children
  • Make cross curricular links to experience Italian in practical settings 


Through learning walks and lesson observations, children will have an increased confidence when speaking in Italian.​ From EYFS to Year 4, children will be assessed by the teacher orally. In Year 5 and 6, their progress will be visible through the work they produce each lesson and their confidence with spoken conversation.