Wrap Around Childcare

Breakfast Club

Our popular Breakfast club is open to all children and runs every day from 08:00 onwards.

Breakfast club runs every morning from 8-9am (last drop off 8.30).  We offer childcare and breakfasts including cereal, toast, pancakes and other cooked food. The cost is £3.50 per session, including food.  If your child is registered as ‘pupil premuim’, they can attend breakfast club at no cost.

After their meal, children are supervised and can play board games, read, prepare for the school day or simply chat.  Book in advance or simply drop-in.

Play Club

Play Club runs from 3.30-5.30 each day and parents can sign up for 1 or 2 hours as desired. Parents can arrange for their child to attend Play Club on a regular basis or phone on the day (by 1pm) to arrange last-minute attendance for their child.  Play club offers a wide variety of games and activities, both in and outdoors, active and more relaxed.  Activities such as football (mixed and girls), table tennis and cooking take place during play club if children wish to join them.

The cost of play club is currently £5.00 per hour.

Culture club

We run a series of ‘culture’ clubs during the week, most from 3.30-4.30.  These also cost £5.00 for the hour and include Italian, Art, Choir and Rock Band.  Children can be booked into play club for the following hour and will be escorted there by staff.  Children qualifying for Pupil Premium may attend up to two clubs at half price.

Music Lessons

In addition to our curriculum music and our singing assembly, we host a number of peripatetic music teachers, who provide lessons in piano, guitar and drums. Lessons are individual or group depending on the instrument and age of pupil and there is a charge to parents.  Details are available from the school office.  Whole class ukulele teaching takes place in Year 3 and violin teaching in Year 5.

Regular concerts are held during the year to showcase the talents and hard work of all pupils who learn an instrument at school.