Head’s Welcome

Welcome to our village school in the heart of central London.

Our aim at Soho Parish is to develop confident children who are motivated, curious and enthusiastic about learning.

Our pupils become confident learners and communicators so that they will flourish and be resilient in a world where the jobs they will do may not currently exist; where flexibility, social skills and learning skills are the key to success. 

Our pupils develop empathy, respect and compassion for themselves and others.  We believe in high quality pastoral care and work closely with families to support pupils' emotional development.  We teach mindfulness to support well-being and good mental health.  We also work closely with professional organisations to provide therapeutic support to families when needed.

We are delighted that Ofsted (2019) recognised that "The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.  Pupils meant it when they told inspectors, ‘Everyone cares for each other.’ "

We are a Church of England school, part of the London Diocesan Board of Schools (LDBS) family of 131 schools in London.  Our school values - love, courage, imagination, individuality, community – help us to live 'life in all its fullness' as Jesus promised (John 10:10).

We follow the LDBS RE curriculum, which encourages children to learn about and reflect upon their own personal beliefs, and learn about Christianity alongside other faiths.  Our children take part in regular Christian acts of worship at school and in our partner Churches of St Anne's, Dean Street and St James's Piccadilly. 

We have provided education for local children since 1699.  We are passionate about serving our local families and therefore we have no faith criteria for entry, welcoming all to become valued members of our school community.

Our rich curriculum is concept-based, enabling us to teach all national currriculum subjects under an umbrella concept, such as 'home', 'influence' or 'courage'.  This enables children to make links in their learning and develop their thinking at a high level.  Please visit 'How we teach' for more information and our full list of concepts.

We also make full use of our location in the cultural heart of London to go on frequent educational visits and in years 4 and 6 pupils benefit from residential stays outside of London to experience rural life. 

We value the arts highly, and were delighted to receive the prestigious 'Artsmark Platinum' award from the Arts Council in September 2020.  Music is also highly valued; we offer 1-1 and whole class instrument tuition and we are very proud of our two student rock bands and our choir.

We have smaller class sizes than most London schools, at around 20 pupils per class, with a high level of tailored adult support. 

Our aim is that all pupils at Soho Parish achieve highly, making excellent progress from their starting points and working as a team to support and challenge each other to ever greater accomplishments.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Louise Ritchie, MA (Ed)