Admissions Policy 2021-22

Admissions Policy 2020-21

Accessibility Policy 2019-22

Anti Bullying Policy 2020-2023

Behaviour Policy 2019-22

Calculation Policy EYFS (Power Maths)

Calculation Policy Y1 Y2 (Power Maths)

Calculation Policy Y3 Y4 (Power Maths)

Calculation Policy Y5 Y6 (Power Maths)

Complaints Policy 2019-2022

Charging Policy 2019-22

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Policy 2019-22

Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education Policy 2020-2022

Data Protection Policy 2019-2020

Data Protection Policy 2020-2022 DRAFT

Data Protection Privacy Notice Pupils

Data Protection Privacy Notice school workforce

Equal Opportunities Policy 2020-2023

Food and Drink Policy 2020-2023

Freedom of Information Policy 2020-23

IT and Internet Acceptable Use 2020-23

Mental Health and Well-being 2019- 2022

Physical Activity Policy 2020-2023

Provision Map by SEN category 2020-2021

SEN Information Report

SRE Policy 2020-2022

LDBS Grievance Procedure 2020 (Adopted by Soho Parish Governing Body September 2020)

LDBS Schools Disciplinary Procedure 2020 (Adopted by Soho Parish Governing Body September 2020)

Admissions 2021-22

Attendance 2020-23

Safeguarding 2020-21


Policies relating to Covid

Risk Assessment Spring 080321

Soho Parish risk assessment and risk management record St Anne's

Acceptable Use for Live Lessons during the Coronavirus pandemic

Covid Addendum to Safeguarding policy

Remote learning 2020

Appendix to remote learning policy September 2020 and covering letter

Covid Addendum to Behaviour Policy 2020-21

Soho Parish Covid-19 Catch Up Premium Report 2020-21