Trips & Visits

Learning at Soho Parish does not begin and end in the classroom!

We take advantage of our excellent location, regularly visiting the National Gallery, The Tate(s), St James’s Park, the Natural History and Science Museums as well as a variety of less well known but equally fascinating places of interest.  This year our Arts Councillors have worked in partnership with the London Transport Museum to develop a scheme of work for use by schools nationally.

Each class goes on at least one trip per topic, and often more.  If we can find a way to enhance the curriculum with external speakers, workshops or visits, we will do so.

In Year 4, the whole class relocate to rural Suffolk for three days of outdoor learning, focused on geography skills (map reading particularly) but also to develop their independence and confidence.

In Year 6, pupils spend a week at an outward bound centre (location changes), learning co-operation, collaboration, field-work and developing their physical strength and agility.