PE / Sport


At Soho Parish School we believe that P.E develops a child’s knowledge, skill and understanding so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. We have a varied curriculum in place to support with this, with activities including athletics, dance, gymnastics, games and swimming. We fully adhere to the aims of the national curriculum for physical education to ensure that all children:

  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities 
  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities 
  • lead healthy, active lives


Foundation stage

At Soho Parish we encourage the physical development of our children in reception class as an integral part of their work. As the reception class is part of the Foundation stage of the National Curriculum, we relate the physical development of the children to the objectives set out in the Early Learning Goals. We encourage the children to develop confidence and control of the way they move, and the way they handle tools and equipment. We give all children the opportunity to undertake activities that offer appropriate physical challenge, both indoors and outdoors, using a range of resources to support specific skills.

Key Stage 1 & 2 

All pupils have at least 2 hours’ worth of planned physical exercise each week. This usually takes the form of a fitness lesson (circuit training) and a skills based lesson, taught by a specialist teacher. Pupils in Year 3 and Year 4 attend weekly swimming lessons at the YMCA. 

We teach lessons so that our children:

- have fun and experience success in sport

- have the opportunity to participate in PE at their own level of developments

- secure and build on a range of skills

- develop good sporting attitude

- understand basic rules

- experience positive competition

-learn in a safe environment

- have a foundation for lifelong physical activity leaving primary school as physically active

P.E is further supplemented by the use of ‘Friday Fitness’ – an initiative that we have adopted to encourage children to lead active and healthy lives. The children, staff and parents meet in the playground at 8:30am for a Friday morning work out before school. 

All children have the opportunity for physical activity during morning and lunchtime breaks. Staff and Young Sports Leaders (trained pupils from Year 5 and 6) are on duty to co-ordinate a range of active playground games. A lunchtime sports club is available for children in key stage 2 and this includes football, dodgeball, dance and multi-skills.

Soho Parish work closely with the ‘Primary P.E & School Sport’ (PESS) and our membership with them gives our children access to several competitions with other schools in Westminster. 


All children at Soho Parish receive a broad and balanced P.E curriculum and every child accesses all of the key areas of the subject on offer at our school. Teachers plan PE with clear progression of skills and knowledge. In doing so, teachers are able to raise children’s health and fitness levels, improve skills and develop resilience, teamwork and perseverance. 

 Assessment of children's learning is achieved through the ongoing monitoring of children's understanding, knowledge and skills by the class teacher, in line with the National Curriculum expectations of attainment.